Ig meets Nobel, again

Nobel laureate Wolfgang Ketterle, me and the duck

2001 Nobel laureate Wolfgang Ketterle (left), me and the duck.

Wolfgang Ketterle hands the 2003 Ig Nobel biologyprize to Kees Moeliker. (photo John Bradley)

An improbable (but real) reunion took place during the 2008 Alpbach Technology Forum in Tirol, Austria on August 23, 2008, where I was invited to talk – together with Marc Abrahams – about Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel prizes. Among the other plenary speakers were several Nobel laureates. One of them – Wolfgang Ketterle (2001 Physics) – I had met before (photo left), on October 2, 2003 in Sanders Theatre, Harvard University where he presented me the Ig Nobel Prize in biology for my paper on homosexual necrophilia in ducks (see my page on the duck). Almost five years later, we (Ketterle, me and the duck) met again (photo right) and brought back memories of the Ig Nobel prize ceremony.

Professor Ketterle kindly posed for this picture, taken by my daughter Sezen.

[Here is a ‘zweifelhaften’ report about my talk from the ORF website]

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