The Ig Nobel Collection

To help and enjoy the 20th annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony I am at the Improbable Research head office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The ceremony, for your information, will be at Thursday, September 30th 2010 and live web casted on YouTube (here). To my surprise, Marc Abrahams (founder of the Ig Nobel Prize and editor of the Annals of Improbable Research) has cleared part of the office. There I discovered what I would call the Ig Nobel Collection. In the collection are are some well preserved Ig Nobel Prizes (a welcome find because they are generally made of extremely cheap materials and tend to fall apart quickly), and other historical Ig-related stuff, such as the Plastic Flamingo, a dried bull penis, a bra, the Bow-Lingual, Dr Fran’s Anti-Hiccup Kit, a bottle of Tequila, some duck feathers, Clocky, Under-Ease Protective Underwear (for flatulence) and Roy Glauber’s broom.

Being here and being a museum professional I gave myself a new position: curator of the Ig Nobel Collection. I started to catalog it. The Ig Nobel Collection is not open to the public, but may travel in the future. To get an idea, here are some pictures.


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