A salute to all new and past Ig Nobel Prize winners

With Stand-In-Igduck 2008 [Alexei Elisev]On Ig Nobel night (in a few hours, the 2009 Ig Nobel prizes will be awarded in Sanders Theatre of Harvard University), I salute all new and past winners, and all people involved in the ceremony: next year the duck will quack again!

And here is an duck related quote I just found on Telegraph.co.uk:

One of the greatest sentences in modern science writing: “Next to the obviously dead duck, another male mallard … mounted the corpse and started to copulate, with great force.” [read the complete paper here]

The 2009 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony will be web-casted here – live – tonight at 19.15h Boston time or 01.15h Amsterdam time. The list of new winners will be on improbable.com soon after the ceremony ended.


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