Ducks in a box

Ducks salvaged from the Rotterdam Duck Race 2008The Rotterdam Duck Race 2008 took place on April 20th in the river Nieuwe Maas. None of the 5000 rubber ducks reached the finish due to wind from the ‘wrong’ direction, but hundreds came within reach of duck lovers. Thanks to my colleague Jeroen Bakker, who salvaged a bag full of the drifted ducks in the Veerhaven, I could add a series of ten nice specimens to my collection. They bear the following serial numbers 1164786, 1189120, 1189191, 1189260, 1189945, 1190100, 1191221,1193021, 1193150 (one lost the numbered tag). The ducks are of the ‘Great American Duck Races’ type, all wearing sunglasses. Only one (1189260) has the name ‘Derby Duck’ engraved, but they all come from that same family, apparently.

Please note: I do not collect rubber ducks, but anything related to ducks.


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